What is different about our approach?

Most audio recording companies believe more microphones are better than fewer. We have a different opinion, and our results using a stereo pair reveal surprisingly lifelike results. We use our specially developed  recording suite of equipment, and patented microphone stand, to capture an 'audio virtual reality'.  Of course for those occasions where multiple microphones are required, we can provide up to 8 or more independent channels for your project. However, one stereo pair using our recording equipment, and the most accurate microphones, usually yields the most natural and accurate sound.

Why did you blaze a new path to 'location' recording?

In the early days of digital recording, the music did not sound 'right'. There was good reason for that! The recording equipment chain had been optimized for the older analog style recording, and it was not reasonable to expect that old recording chain would work with new digital equipment. When we began our investigation, we found lots of things to improve, and we have never stopped improving the sound!

Next Steps...

If you agree that recording in the most natural way possible will provide you with the most lifelike audio recording, give us a call, or send us an email so we can talk.