Concert audio recordings

Our equipment records high resolution concert audio from the best seat in the house, wherever you play; churches, concert halls, or schools. Customers reguarly tell us that the concert CD (or high resolution audio file) sounds better than sitting in the hall listening live. Let us provide you with memorable keepsakes of your special event.

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Recital video recordings

We have 4 broadcast quality video cameras with special low light lenses that can record your performance nearly anywhere. We can provide the multi-camera video with synchronized high resolution audio that offers an unparalleled playback experience. Or, we can bring one camera to capture audio and video for recitals, demos for school, and competition entrance submittals. Let us help you get accepted to that special place with high quality video and audio to match.

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Hearing perception research

Our recordings offer natural and lifelike sound, and our goal is to apply this technology to the hearing perception research field. We are about to conduct experiments to determine how listeners experience our recordings differently than the same music recorded with typical state of the art recording suites. We hope this hearing perception research will be initiated during 2017, and if you want to be considered for inclusion in the study, please email us with your background information and why you would like to participate.

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Premium recording services for your event

We have 28 years experience with 'on location' recording, as a result we can capture your concert or recital in nearly any location with optimum results. We select the best microphone positioning that will provide an engaging recording you will want to listen to again and again.

We don't just purchase equipment, plug it together, and hit the 'record' button........we are researchers in audio recording technology who have developed a proprietary world class recording system that can capture your technique and talent like no other system. Contact us for details on how we can help your project come to fruition.



How do we get started?

Email or call us with your questions about our services and rates and we will determine how we can best help you capture your event.