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Parker, TX   USA
Welcome to Ron Meyer Recordings. We offer 'on location' recording for classical and jazz concerts as well as custom CD projects. This is our 24th year, let us help with your recording and music editing needs! We can recommend recording locations like the Mesquite Arts Center shown here or something larger. Call us at 214-938-8138 for more information and references.
We also offer Black Diamond Racing products as well as consulting services to help you get the most our of your audio system. We can recommend the proper Black Diamond Racing products for your equipment, just ask; email us at
Ron Meyer Recordings
High resolution recordings and audio system consultant 

Hearing Perception Research Study
Thanks to the participants at the October 2011 RMAF show. The
setup for the listening stations 1, 2, and the 192 kHz station by day:
Day 1: Station 2 (44.1 kHz) was down-sampled from the 192 kHz 
Dat 2: Station 1 (44.1 kHz) was down-sampled from the 192 kHz
Day 3: Station 2 (44.1 kHz) was down-sampled from the 192 kHz. 
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